WhatsApp sets Deep Restrictions on 8 April 2020

Personal & private messaging app WhatsApp has set new restrictions during Coronavirus outbreak


To Keep WhatsApp Personal & Private

According to WhatsApp, after coronavirus outbreak people are using whatsapp for communication more then ever before to stay connected and updated with their loved ones, friends and family. WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption which makes it safe and secure for messaging and calls and people are relying on whatsapp to talk to doctors, teachers, students, colleagues, friends and relatives.

WhatsApp messages forwarding

in 2019 whatsapp introduced double arrow label on forwarded messages to let the receiver know that it’s not originally from the contact who sent them but it’s been forwarded and it’s not a personal message, and now on April 8 whatsapp sets limit of forwarding message to one person only so that whatsapp remains private and personal messaging app not public or marketing hub.

Why Restriction on Message Forwarding?

According to whatsapp, recently many scammers started spreading fake news and misinformation on whatsapp using forwarding tabs, Covid19 is the situation to stay safe and healthy and whatsapp is working with some NGOs and Government organizations as well with World Health Organization to keep users updated with correct information.

Forwarding is not bad at all, people enjoy forwarding funny videos, memes, prayers and lot of good stuff they like and want to share with their friends and family so setting up limit will not cause these personal acts, but to the scammers as they forward messages more than personal conversations and misguide people.

This will also help running whatsapp reliably.