Z Flip – Samsung’s 2nd Generation Folding Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2nd Generation Folding Phone

Yes! you read it right, Samsung launched a new phone last year that completely wowed in the industry of mobile phones. Not only it’s giving a huge competition to other brands but also it’s becoming so popular among each and every one.

The Samsung galaxy Z Flip you can say is Samsung’s second-generation folding device, the first product is Samsung Galaxy Z. In both cases Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is completely remarkable and as you all know that the Samsung is a company that is so famous in electronics, so it keeps on introducing new technologies in the market.

The Screen used in this device is AMOLED and it does have a hole cut for the 10 MP selfie camera and the dual 12 MP camera and this is something which you will love in this phone as it will give you totally different selfies.

One more thing which you will love about this phone is it’s wireless charging and power share (reverse wireless charging). Battery is also good if you are not using it for so long as it comes with a 3300mAh battery.

There are a couple of changes too which you’ll notice in this phone UTG which is ultra-thin glass to protect your phone from damages and scratches.

This phone can be used to flaunt among your friends or family because the phone gets folded and due to that everyone loves the phone.

Now without taking a lot of time, let’s dig into it’s specification and other qualities…

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specs


This is something which matter a lot in every phone and that’s why Samsung has completely focused on it by providing it a totally different body with hideaway hinges.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Body with Hideaway hinges

Aluminium frame of this phone gives it a completely classy look. Gorilla glass will protect your phone from scratches as the body is mirror finished. Even the weight of this phone is also not so much, it’s 183gms.


If i have to say about the dimension of this phone so it comes with 87.4 x 73.7 x 15.4- 18.33 mm if it’s closed, if it’s open the height will be 167.9 x 73.6- 7.2 mm. So if you have folded this phone, trust me no one is ever going to accept that it’s a phone.


Size of screen which you will betting in this phone is of 6.7 inches which is too good for playing games like PUBG or reading books. As i have mentioned above too that the display is AMOLED with ultra thin glass layered under polymer surface which is used to protect your phone. The display which you will be getting is (1080 x 2636 px) with an aspect ration 21.5:9.

Cover Display

Now if i have to judge about it’s cover display i can simply say that it’s amazing with glass finish which gives a classy look. 1.1 inch is it’s size with super AMOLED so just forget about the looks, you are going to get something too good.


This is something that matters a lot in every phone, so Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 + Octa-core (1×2.95 GHz Kryo 485 & 3×2.41 GHz Kryo 485 & 4×1.78 GHz Kryo 485) with Adreno 640 GPU. So if you thinking about the lagging or any other issue just forget about it because this phone is loaded with processors.


The RAM which you will be getting in this phone is of 8GB which is enough for you to run multiple tasks at a time without facing any issues.

The Internal storage in this phone is 256 GB which is pretty enough for you to store all your important pictures and contacts. Let me tell you that memory in this phone is almost a lot so expanding of memory in this phone isn’t possible

Operating System

As recently Android has launched it’s latest version which is android 10 and this phone comes up with that, additionally you will be getting Samsung one UI version 2.1


If you are purchasing this phone just to use it for 4-5 hours (using time) a day, you should go with it because battery power is something where this phone is weak as it comes with 3300mAh battery so you have to keep it charged all the time. As i have mentioned above itself that it comes with wireless charging and power share so even if your phone gets discharged you don’t have to worry about anything.


The rear camera comes with dual cameras of 12 MP and as you know that Samsung is good in electronics so with even 24 MP camera you can capture simply amazing pictures of your loved ones

Selfie Camera

Already I’ve mentioned that it comes with a 10 MP selfie camera, which will give you a completely different experience of clicking selfies. There are many more features in front cam which you will be getting like face beauty, age detection and many more.

This not yet finish many more features are still waiting for you to grab like it’s type-C port which will also give you ultra-fast charging. Like other phones it does also comes up with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Benefits of this Phone

Now the biggest benefit which you will be getting in this phone is it’s folding capacity, so if you phone is not use and you need to carry small things you must go ahead with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. And as the phone is folded so in case if it will fall or anything happens the phone remains completely safe.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip closed Front Purple mirror
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Closed front Purple mirror
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Closed front Black mirror
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Closed front Black mirror

You might be thinking about scratches so let me tell you that it comes with ultra thin glass which is made up of gorilla glass and will protect your phone from scratches and damages.

Even if you want to perform multiple tasks at a time with this phone trust me you are not wrong by selecting it because this phone has everything which is needed to be a perfect one.


Overall after a complete review of this phone, I can say that you should go with this phone if you have decided to purchase it because the first thing is that it’s foldable so if you are someone who doesn’t love to carry big phones inside pocket, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is completely a great solution.

Now if you want to run multiple tasks like excel, word and many office presentations don’t just worry about lagging because it comes with 8 GB RAM. The processor on this phone is also something which is good and heating can never be a problem with this phone.

If we talk about the price of this phone I must say that a person working from 9 to 5 cannot easily afford it because the price in USD is $1380 of mirror black and the same of the different colors.

If you are staying in the UAE and want to purchase it let me tell you that it’s the price is 6111 AED in UAE. Price doesn’t change with colors so it’s the same for all the colors.

As the phone does have 256 GB of internal storage in all the variants so if you are looking for something else it’s wrong because the memory isn’t expandable too.

All in all it’s a great phone for you and even if you are purchasing it to gift someone then also it can be the best gift option.

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