Poor Jennifer Zoom Bathroom Video Leaked

Poor jennifer Zoom conference video leaked, such an embarrassed moment for her, “Work From Home” went ridiculous for her when she was on video conference and suddenly took her laptop with her into bathroom and put her pants down and sit on commode and realized a after a few seconds that she’s on video and turned laptop other side.

Poor Jennifer Zoom bathroom video leaked

Poor Jennifer Zoom Conference went horribly Wrong

Work from home went wrong for US woman

Since lockdown all over the world is happening and many of us are advised to work from home, Jennifer was one of us who was working from home and was on a Conference call on Zoom Video Meetings Platform on her laptop went to bathroom along with her laptop and forgot to turn off camera

Was it intentionally?

Well, she’s a working woman and she don’t need to do that on a conference call in-front of her team/batch mates, it was totally unintentionally, just think once either you’re a male or a female, what if this happened to you?

Stop criticizing and give her courage to not dive into depression.

Let’s Learn from other’s mistakes

People say, a wise person is one who learns from other’s mistakes, it was her mistake that she took her laptop with her into bathroom, and that happens, so what should we learn from her mistake? That we should avoid taking or using laptops or smart devices (Mobile phone & tablets) into bathroom so that must not repeated again with us.

Going Viral on Internet is a Day-Dream of every second Internet user

But did she wanted to go viral?