Lyft, Uber California To be Suspended in September 2020

Since the court has ordered to comply with state labor-law, Lyft and Uber California can operate for now but both of them have to come up with new plans to comply with the law early September.

Lyft Uber California

Are you an Independent Driver with Lyft or Uber California?

If yes, then you might be in trouble and tension to lose the opportunity to continue driving for Uber California as the court has ordered to employee drivers to continue operating in California rather than independent drivers.

We are glad that the Court of Appeals recognized the important questions raised in this case, and that access to these critical services won’t be cut off while we continue to advocate for drivers’ ability to work with the freedom they want.

Uber spokesman Matt Kallman

While we won’t have to suspend operations tonight, we do need to continue fighting for independence plus benefits for drivers.

Lyft spokeswoman Julie Wood

Both Lyft and Uber said: They could not switch immediately so they might shut down after Schulman ordered them to comply with the law while the state’s lawsuit proceeds. They informed that converting drivers into employees would not be good for the public as they’ll employ fewer drivers, reduce service and off course it will increase waiting time and raise prices as well.

California is America’s economic engine because innovation and worker rights go hand in hand. Any company that suggests otherwise is peddling a false choice.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra

Both companies are looking for possible ways to adapt their businesses in case they lose the legal battle.

Drivers are also divided, some are OK with the decision to be employed by the company either Lyft or Uber while at other side some are criticizing the decision as they were Ok with the freedom of work.

While at other side some drivers are crying that neither Lyft nor Uber is profitable.