Huawei P40, P40 Pro & P40 Pro Plus Visionary Photography Phones

Huawei P40!

Huawei, as you all know is a well brand in cell phones and due to its popularity the brand keeps on introducing the latest cell phones in the market. Recently on 26 March Huawei launched it’s best phone one by one which is P40, P40 Pro, and P40 plus.  

These all phones come in a single storage variant and many more things are waiting for you. The best thing about this series is that its similar to each other like the octa-core kirin 995 chipset.

The major difference which you’ll get in this series is the camera as all the phones have different numbers of rear cameras. If we talk about the P40 Pro and P40 pro+ then easily we can say that they are similar but the non-pro version of this series is different from the pro version.

The good thing which will notice in this series is that it doesn’t have any google software which means your phone will not be having google search, play store, or anything from google.

Huawei Series will have a totally different type of software which is known as Qwant. These phones are too good at processing and everything as it’s a European brand so sales of this phone are too much in countries like Germany, France, and Italy Huawei.

In this series you’ll be getting a totally different European search engine which is ‘Celia’. The Google play store as I have already mentioned that it is been replaced by Huawei’s own App Gallery.

Now without taking too much time on the introduction let’s move on to the comparison section of these phones.

Specification of all the Huawei P40 Series phones

So the first similar thing you will notice in this series is that all the phones have dual sim card support (Nano) and run on Android 10 with EMUI 10.1 on top. As I have already mentioned in this series of phones there is no support of google Huawei having its own software in this series.

Screen Size

Now if we talk about the screen size of Huawei p40 pro and p40 pro plus so we can say that both the phones are similar because both having 6.58 inches screen (1200× 2640 px) with OLED and refresh rate of 90Hz.

Whereas the Huawei P40 having a slightly smaller screen size which is 6.1 inches (1080×2340 pixel) with an OLED panel, now if we say about the refresh rate of this phone so it is slower when compared to p40 pro and p40 pro+. The refresh rate which you’ll be getting in p40 is 60Hz.

Processor & RAM

Huawei P40 P40 Pro P40 Pro Plus Kirin 990 5G Chipset

Now if we talk about the processor of these phone’s so easily we can say that all the variants come with the same chipset which is Octa Core 990 kirin 5G SoC.

Coming to the GPU of these series so it’s loaded with Mali-G76 MC 16.

All the phones having the same RAM capacity which is of 8 GB so when you are accessing lots of applications on this phone just forget about lagging on any other memory consuming activity.

Camera Quality of all the series

If we say about the optics of these phones we can easily get to know the differences because that’s the major changes which you will get to know in each variant.

So the Huawei P40 Pro comes with a quad rear camera setup which of 50 megapixels and you can also say that it’s the primary camera of this phone. It comes with ultra vision camera, f/1.9 aperture and OIS.

Huawei P40 P40 Pro P40 Pro Plus Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera

If we talk about the secondary camera of this phone then it comes with 40megapixel sensor with an ultra wide f/1.8 lens.

The third camera of this phone comes with 12megapixel telephoto f/3.4 with OIS and super sensing.

Best thing which you will love in this phone is its last and fourth camera which uses 3D depth sensing. So while capturing photos with p40 pro you won’t face difficulty and will get a awesome shoot.

 For selfies too you are getting an amazing camera quality which is of 32 megapixel with depth sensor and f/2.2 aperture.

Coming to the Huawei P40 series so on this phone too you will be a camera of 50 megapixels but one thing which is not available on this phone’s camera is OIS.

The secondary camera of this phone is lower when compared to other variants because it is of 16 megapixels with an ultra-wide-angle f/2.2 lens.

And the last camera which you’ll be getting on this phone is of 8-megapixel telephoto f/2.4 lens with OIS.

The front camera in P40 is the same as the Huawei P40 Pro which is 32 megapixels with an IR sensor and aperture of f/2.0. So while capturing selfies using this phone too you will get amazing shots.

Now the big thing and the best variant among all is P40 pro+ as per me because in this one you will be getting a penta rear camera setup.

If we talk about the primary and secondary camera’s of this phone you won’t get any difference when compared to p40 pro.

The third camera is only the difference which you will notice in this phone as it is of 8 megapixel, aperture of f/4.4, Super Zoom camera, OIS and 10X optical zoom.

Huawei P40 P40 Pro P40 Pro Plus Audio Zoom

In fourth camera also you will get the difference as it is also of 8 megapixel but with telephoto camera, OIS will be available in this too and last is 3X optical zoom which can be helpful for you to capture photos from long distance.

The last and the additional camera which you’ll be getting in this phone is fifth camera which comes with 3D depth sensing effect.

The selfie camera configuration is same which you are going to get in p40 pro.

The best thing I have personally loved about this phone is its camera only because with penta rear camera setup you can capture photos like you have captured it from DSLR. Blur in photos or kind of mess you won’t get while capturing using this phone and also from long distance you can capture great shots using P40 pro+.

Internal Storage

Let’s move on to the storage section of these phone’s so the Huawei P40 pro comes with 256GB of internal storage which is good enough for you to store your important pictures as well as whatever you want to store.

If I have to say about P40 storage I can say that it’s also good enough for you to store your important things because it is also of 128GB.

Now the last variant and the best one is P40 pro+ and the memory which you are going to get in this phone is simply unbelievable because personally I haven’t ever used a phone which is having memory of 512 GB. You will get tired of filling it but still the storage will be left for you, having this much of memory also keeps phone in good condition.

So if you are going to purchase any of the phone from this series trust me you are not going to do any type of mistake just because all the variants have their type of speciality which as per me you will love a lot.

One more important point which I will give you is that in Huawei p40 and P40 pro you can expand the storage with 2 nano memory card but in P40 pro+ you won’t be getting the feature of expanding because its already loaded with 512 GB of internal storage.


As Huawei P40 series phones are next generation phones and the beneficial thing which you will be getting additionally on these phones is 5G connectivity + wifi 6which will let you stand out of the crowd as today you will get most number of 4G users.

Other connectivity feature which you will also love is Bluetooth 5.1 so that you can connect your phone’s with speakers or anything, the charging port which you will be getting in these phone’s is C- Type. One thing which I am missing the most in this phone is Headphone jack and NFC because its not available in these phones but  don’t worry you can use Bluetooth headphones.


 Now if we talk about the battery life of Huawei P40 pro then it comes with 4200mAh and have a charging slot of 40W. It supports wireless charging so with 27W so your phone can get charged within few seconds.

Huawei P40 P40 Pro P40 Pro Plus Supercharge

Coming to the Huawei P40 battery part if we compare with other variants the battery of this one is smaller 3800 mAh that supports 22.5W fast charging, the wireless charging feature is not available in this variant.

P40 pro+ also have the same battery power which p40 pro support and also the charging speed is also same in this variant but if we say about the wireless charging speed in this variant then you are going to get 40W in this one.


After a careful review of all the three phones we can say that Huawei has given us completely a different thing and not only the camera but also the storage of these phones is something which can never be replaced by any other phone.

The price of these phones is also not so much and can be afforded by a normal person also because the P40 Pro comes with a single RAM 8Gb+ 256GB internal storage range EUR 999( 82,900 INR).

Coming to the price section of P40 then it also comes in single RAM of 8GB+ 128 GB internal storage ranging EUR 799( 66,300 INR).

Both the phones comes in three glossy colours Ice white, Black and Deep Sea Blue .

Now at last the price of p40 pro + is EUR 1399 and it does also have the same RAM but the memory which you will be getting in this variant is of 512GB.

At last I just want to conclude that this phone can be a great option for you because it has everything which makes it stand out of the crowd and also the battery life which matters a lot is good in these phones. So if you are going to purchase it just forget that you are making mistake because it simply amazing.

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