Facebook Insane Marketing Hacks 0 to Millions Fans 2020

Step-by-step guide to grow on Facebook in 2020 with authentic and valid content to get real long term followers/likes.


How to Grow on Facebook in 2020

Well, for sure there’s no magic formula or you don’t have millions to spend on marketing to boost up to millions of likes in 1 day, so what we are going to tell you is very simple but authentic 100% working formula which will give you millions of likes and followers for sure but somehow it depends on the quality of your content as well.

How does Facebook Algorithm works?

Facebook Algorithm works on behalf of engagement, so that’s the formula we’re are going to tell you, but don’t rush, there’s many facts and figures you might be missing, so go step by step…

1. What type of Content is best to grow?

Well, in total there’s 3 type of contents we can post on facebook, 1. text, 2. Photos, 3. Videos. So if you want to grow really fast, you’ll have to go with option no. 3 which is Videos, and how’s gonna videos work best for, we gonna explain it.

Post Videos on Facebook

As we discussed Facebook algorithm works on engagements so videos are best choice to go with, don’t stick with videos only, post text updates, photos as well on regular basis so those will help you out in growing as well.

2. Add Subtitles in your Videos

Why subtitles are important, is that there’s 2 main reasons for that, one is that you don’t know where from your audience is, so if viewer likes the video but don’t know your language he/she might quit your video, but if you have subtitles in video you won’t loose one viewer and we believe in brick by brick structure to be strong than enough and second reason for adding subtitles is that maybe a person is using facebook in office time so he/she might not be able to raise volume up but he wants to feel and/or understand what’s going on in videos there comes the soldier again called subtitles to keep the viewer on track. So must add subtitles to not loose these type of audiences who don’t understand the language or can’t listen audio.

3. Video Dimension Matters

Don’t miss this point or take this lightly as we had strong research and outcome is that Video Dimension really matters a lot, you might be thinking 16-9 or 9-16 dimension you should use, but unfortunately you’re wrong, best dimension for video is 1×1 ratio, means square like 1000×1000 or 1920×1920 so go with square dimension ratio to attract viewers, you don’t know the viewer is using facebook on mobile or desktop or tablet, so different dimensions work differently on all type of devices, but square one looks attractive and classy so choose 1×1 square ratio for your videos.


Facebook Engagement

Here comes the Facebook Marketing term which helps grow on facebook and is very important, So don’t take it lightly or easy and skip this, we discussed this in start that algorithm works as per engagement so when you see any comments try to reply in a way that person replies again, that’s best way to keep viewer and post engaged so your post remains engaged and audience loves author’s response and interaction.

Sharing is Growing….

You might have had heard sharing is caring, but on facebook sharing is growing, keep your content good enough that viewers share with their friends on facebook, or send link on private messaging platforms or even tag their close friends in their post and they again share with their friends, and this goes and goes on and on… and Sharing is growing, try to produce content that is shareable for people, and people only share when they enjoy the content, so try to produce high quality content.

Write Eye-Catching Titles

According to a survey and research 90% of posts get views just Because of their Titles, so focus on your titles it should be eye catching, must contain power word and Positive or Negative Sentiment so that viewer can’t stop him/herself but click on your title, make your audience curious to click the title to know what is inside there.

Focus most importantly on titles to attract.

Facebook in desktop and mobile

Most Important Message to Grow On Facebook

This method what we just explained to you is the way you can use to grow but it will only work if you have nice content, if you content is not good enough and don’t attract viewers no matter what strategy you apply, nothing will work for you until and unless your content is good.

So very firstly, try to produce awesome content that could be anything which attracts viewers and they like it, give you comments on it & most importantly share with their friends.