Google Pixel 3A & 3A XL Review & Tech Specs

Hey Crunchy Tech Readers! I am back again with a new blog and this time I’ve really cool devices with me yes you read it right this time I am reviewing Google Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL. So as far as the difference you’ll get very minor differences between both of them like price range, battery life. Rest both the phones are the same in terms of processing and a few other features which will get to see in this phone.

Google Pixel 3A & Pixel 3A XL

Google is well known and everyone knows about how best products they launch like this only they are into mobile phones and keep on giving new technologies to the world.

Many phones earlier this too were launched by google and got a really good market even the ones which I am reviewing today is very well known in the market as also because of its phone.

So now without taking lots of time in the introduction section let’s move on to the specifications of both the phones because then only we will be able to get to know the difference between these two.

Google Pixel 3A & Pixel 3A XL Tech Specs


Before talking about anything it’s better to discuss about the processor of both the phones so in Google Pixel 3A you are going to get Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 chipset with 2.0GHz+ 1.7 GHz octa-core processor of 64 bit whereas if we talk about the processor of Google Pixel 3A XL, then in that too you are going to get the same quality of processor. So in terms of processor both the phones Google Pixel 3A, as well as Google pixel 3A XL, are the same.

Their processor is ultra-fast so in both the phones you won’t have a problem while accessing any kind of application. PUBG and other heavy games can be played on both the phones without the problem of overheating or lagging.


Now here you’ll get some difference because both the phones are having different screen sizes. Google Pixel 3A having 5.6 Inches OLED screen with a resolution of 2200 × 1080 and aspect ration of 18.5:9. In Google Pixel 3A XL, you are going to get a different kind of screen size which is 6.0 inches with the resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixel and aspect ration of 18:9.

Google Pixel 3A & Pixel 3A XL CrunchyTech.Org

So both the phones are having different screen sizes and qualities and this is where you will get the huge difference between both the phones.

RAM & Internal Storage

Now coming to the RAM section of both the phone in these two variants you are going to get the same RAM of 4GB Google Pixel 3A as well as 3A XL. Internal storage is also enough in both the phones which is 64 GB.

4GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal space I think as per me is quite a lot to keep the phone functioning smoothly, yeah it’s a fact that nowadays you’ll get lots of phone in the market having more storage space but Google is offering its best.


Quality of camera is something which everyone notices in phones here also in both the phones the camera quality is the same. Google Pixel 3A is powered by a 12.2 Sony IMX363 camera with an aperture of f/ 1.8 whereas 3A XL also has the same camera of 12.2 Sony IMX363 with the same aperture.

One thing which you will notice that the camera quality of both the phones will be remarkable no blur or any type of issues while capturing pictures can be faced using both the phones.

Now for you selfies both the phone are also powered with 8 MP front camera.

Operating System

The OS used in Google Pixel 3A, as well as 3A XL, is similar which is Android version 9.0 pie and can be upgraded to the latest version of android which is 10.0.

Battery Life

Lastly coming to the battery point of this phone so here also you will get difference because in Google Pixel 3A the battery is of 3000mAH whereas in Google Pixel 3A XL the battery is of 3700mAH.

Both the phones having good enough battery powers and do support ultra-fast charging so in case you are in a hurry and want your phone to get charged quickly these phones are best in it.


All in all Google is a well-known brand and after reviewing both the phones it can be said that they’re very much similar to each other only the battery and screen size is different.

The processor as well as other features are similar to each other so you can pick any of it.

Now the price of Google Pixel 3A is 21,999 INR whereas the price of Google Pixel 3A XL is 42,678 INR for 4GB /64GB.

So just grab one to enjoy its features.