Facebook – Crazy Source to Make Money Online


Facebook is free to use website and application over internet, but might be you know that you can earn money on facebook while surfing and chatting with friends on the go… yes, it’s true…

Can I Earn Money on Facebook?

Well that’s not a mystery, you just have to follow the guide, be patient, understand the facts, and …. yeah that’s it. You can Earn money on facebook,

How can i Start Making money on Facebook?

There’s a lot ways to make money on facebook, here’s a few you can start with

  • Application
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Being an Influencer
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Contents

It depends on you what you can do from the list above, if you’re a developer, you can develop an application and earn money online or you can buy and sale stuff on Facebook Marketplace, buy some items at cheaper price and sale with your profit, might be someone is selling his/her party-ware used once only, and you buy it at cheaper price and sale on higher price or someone might be moving to another city and selling home appliances at giveaway price so that’s the golden chance for your to make some extra money by buying and selling the stuff.

If you have a Facebook page and have thousands of people who liked your page and you keep on posting images and status updates, and people like your content give you feedback by liking/commenting/sharing your post that’s also a way to make money that brands will promote their “Products” on your page in return of money based on your reach and audience locations.

Also, you can Sale products online from Affiliate Network Website such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay and many more…. sign up for their affiliate partner program, verify yourself and select products to share your affiliated links and once someone buys the Products you get a commission.

Best Way What we Suggest you to Start with… is Video Content

In Video Content there’s 2 ways to start, either gear up yourself to start making your own videos on whatever topic you want to, speak up do some editing try to keep it short and meaning full along with entertainment to boost up increase your audience and views on your videos and once you get required as per criteria, then ads will be served on your videos in start, in middle etc…. the more views you get the more ads served the more money you get….

If, you are shy or can’t or don’t want to make your own Videos, there’s another Solid solution to Create Video Content and that’s White Board Videos. Yes, that’s an interesting and fun way to Tell the Story and grab instant attention.

And that’s the way with the white board Videos you won’t only earn money by ads, but also some brands will come up to pay you to feature their product/service in your videos, that’s cool right?

Let’s dive into deep, don’t rush please, it’s just an overview and if you don’t have complete knowledge about

  • How it Works?
  • How to Grab attention
  • How to build/increase Audience
  • How to create white board Videos
  • What makes it Attention Grabber?
  • What is the best time?
  • What is the Ideal Duration?
  • When Ads will be served?
  • How to contact Brands to start with?
  • What is the difference b/w Video & Images/text posts?
  • How to increase page liker?
  • Should you buy fake likes on page?
  • Why is it important not to start until you get complete knowledge?

And there’s a hundreds of more questions you Must know the answers, Do you?

You should must read Work From Home Guide to increase a bit your knowledge and that will be really helpful