Corona Virus – Precautions to Stay safe from COVID19

Corona Virus is not a joke, Please stay at home, avoid unnecessary outings, unnecessary travel, Follow precautions to stay safe and healthy, it’s killing many lives every minute.

Coronavirus precautions to stay safe from covid19
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Only way now to stay safe from Corona Virus is to follow Precautions, stay clean and healthy

WHO instructs to protect yourself from being effected by #coronavirus, it’s very serious matter, it’s spreading more than speed of light, we have to be very cautious and protect ourselves against Corona Virus

Washing Hands Regularly 4-5 times a day

Coronavirus precautions to stay safe from covid19
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Even more, don’t stuck on 4-5 times, every time you touch anything new our getting out from your car, or coming home, when you enter home the very first thing you have to do is to go directly to the washroom and wash your hands by rubbing them using soap, hand wash or sanitizer.

Don’t shake hands with your loved ones before cleaning up your hands and guide them as well to keep washing hands again and again, this is very serious matter, it’s a matter of life.

Wear the Mask

Coronavirus precautions to stay safe from covid19
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Very Important Step, please please please wear the mask whenever you go outsite even for groceries, or taking delivery of food from your own home door, don’t open the door without wearing the mask and again, wash your hands after getting the food, try to avoid skin and breathing (being too close) contact with people.

Maintain safe Distance from People even from your family & friends

Coronavirus precautions to stay safe from covid19

Unfortunately we have to maintain a safe distance from people about one meter, because it’s necessary as no one knows who is effected, so if you/him/her touch each other the Corona Virus will travel to other person and this is very bad. So try to avoid shaking hand, giving five and hugs until our brave heros (Doctors & Scientists) get control on this and finish this from all over the world.

Corona Virus symptoms starts from Cough, Breathing issues & Fever – Seek Medical Care ASAP

If you have even a very small amount of cough, fever or breathing problem call the doctor or go the doctor right now, and follow your doctor’s advice, take medicine on time, stay at home, don’t go outside, don’t travel, don’t meet with people, it saves your life along with your loved ones.

Please take this serious

WHO – World Health Organization is working and updating 24/7 to save as many they can possibly, these are very basic precautions which WHO recommends to follow, if you have any Question or Query you can ask from WHO’s number, you can contact on WhatsApp +41798931892

Whole World is Suffering from this COVID19

Death graph is increasing every second, and this corona virus spreads by contact with effected person, and the contact could be when he/she is sneezing, coughing, shaking hands, hugging and physical contact help corona virus travel from one person to another and so on…..

Keep yourself healthy and fit, Sleep properly (go to bed on time), try to sleep early in the night it helps develop immune system strong which helps our body to fight with many viruses.

Please Note down bellow precautions to follow every time

  • Wash your hands on regular basis again and again
  • stay at home
  • avoid unnecessary travel
  • use mask most of the time
  • do not shake hands
  • do not hug
  • Cough or Sneeze in your flexed elbow
  • avoid close contact with people when in public
  • Don’t go outsite without wearing mask even for grocery
  • Seek medical care if you have fever, cought or breathing problem

There’s nothing but our own care which will save us from being effected or effect our loved ones. Please take care of humanity, save lives.