Best SEO Tools for Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing depends on SEO, you must be familiar with how Search Engine Optimization works, let’s dive into deep to learn how it works.

Why you need SEO tools for Digital Marketing?

Because you want to grab more and more new audience to promote your content, blog, product, service and so many answers, no matter you’re a beginner or intermediate or expert into industry, still you need seo tools to not to miss any point.

There’s no magic formula or magic tool which pulls your website on first page of Google search result page.

Ohhh yeah ! i remember, there’s one way you can easily rank on 1st page of Google’s search result, and that’s Google Adwords….

Google will love to take money from you and show your website on 1st page with “ad” before your website, hopefully you’re not looking for this, right?

Here’s which SEO tools are best specifically for your need? Am i right? let’s dive into deep to understand better…

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Here’s where people get confused and many fails, and the reason is not choosing right tool.

How to Choose Perfect Tool?

Well, that’s a very difficult task, to be very honestly, there’s no perfect tool to match 100% of your requirement, also if you’re looking for a magic tool to do all the tasks for you and take you on 1st result page on Google, that’s a very bad dream and gonna hurt you, just come out of that day-dream right away.

Which are the Best SEO Tools for a beginner?

Again, the same question in another way/style, if you are beginner and just started up with your blog or website you must read our Work From Home Guide which may help you, now let’s have a look on a few tools suites best on above listed queries, i’m gonna list top 5 you may have heard about them before, but trust me i’m gonna list those as of my personal deep research.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword planner is the best and no. 1 tool for everyone from a beginner to an expert level.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush offers solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research for absolute beginners, and this is quit amazing tool if you don’t know anything about SEO still you don’t need to worry but to work.

3. Ahrefs

If you’re an intermediate, Ahrefs’s Keyword Explorer is the best seo tool for you to increase audience by Digital Marketing, the tool does not only show the search volumes but provides click streams, backlinks info and a lot more information you need to become an expert.

4. Yoast

If you are using WordPress you must be aware of Youst SEO Plugin and might have had installed it, Youst offers more options in Pro Version which is paid but no need to worry as a beginner free version is good enough for you, as Yoast offers free training on various topics related to SEO, check out Yoast Academy where you’ll see some paid subscriptions as well so choose what suits you best.

5. Moz SEO

Moz offers variety of tools an expert needs, bad news for beginners is that only Moz Keyword Explorer is free to use (limited version) and all other tools are paid on monthly subscription, Moz offers Powerful site audit tool, crawl & rank tracking in a monthly paid subscription.

There’s a lot of more SEO Tools that may perform well for your Digital Marketing needs.

Above list is provided by our own research, but there’s many more tools available that can perform very well than your need and above listed tools, what we provide information is based on our personal research, try but don’t rely.

SEO Tools only perform well if your content is well enough and eye catching, if your content/blog is not well enough you may rank on 1st page of google but only for a single day or with the paid advertisement, but not organic and constant.